Hi ok so this is my first texture pack and I was so excited that it became like a mixture of all sorts of textures. There are 20 textures (800x800px) and they are mine so please do not redistribute or claim as your own. 1 picture is a public domain photo, but there are two that I took myself and the brushes/patterns I have used are not mine. That’s about it I think, let me know if you have any questions/concerns :-) Enjoy!

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→ Theme 13 -  Open Your Eyes:  

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2. Do NOT steal or redistribute this theme.
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4. If want edit the theme you can, but don’t remove the credits and leave all  credit intact.
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Hestia Jones | 17 | Half-Blood | FC: Crystal Reed | OPEN ROLE

Hestia has a broom stuck up her smart arse, at least that’s what everyone thinks at Hogwarts. When Hestia was given the option between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, she selected Ravenclaw, thinking it was the perfectfit. However after being bullied for nearly every day of her first four years at school, she’s no longer the quiet bookworm that she used to be. You’ll walk away with a black eye or bruised ego if you get in her way.

No one expects Hestia to do much with her life after Hogwarts, but she’s determined to join a secret society: The Order of the Phoenix. Despite her troublemaker reputation, she actually just wants to solve problems with her big brain. You can blame her father for her drive to fix the world; he’s a Ministry prosecutor that constantly lectures her on the importance of citizenship.

In her last year at Hogwarts, Hestia knows the war against Voldemort is getting worse, even though Dumbledore assures the students that they are perfectly safe. Despite the dangers involved, Hestia has been on her own quest to submit one solid identity of a Death Eater to the Daily Prophet. Currently, Hestia is staking out a few Slytherin boys, absolutely convinced that their parents must be Death Eaters- little does she know that Regulus Black pledged two years ago. And then there’s Barty Crouch Jr., who isn’t even on her radar, but has dark intentions with the resources needed to act on them.


RP is rated mature for graphic violence, sex, drugs, alcohol and swearing.

Character open until 10/20 at 11 AM, EST. No Reserves.



[THEME #19 - Dream]

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  • 400/500 size posts
  • Monochrome Images with Color Hover
  • Fading Images
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • A second Background ( I highly suggest you to use one with a transparent background )
  • 8 Custom Links
  • Show Captions/tags

This was the theme I was using on my theme blog, I was not going to publish it this soon but I like it and wanted to share it, hope you guys enjoy ^^

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Eye Color List

Here at, I’ve listed the color terms alphabetically within the main categories of   Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, and Violet.  Within each basic color term I’ve listed alphabetical words for that color:  Black – anthracite.  Just so you know, I’ve identified the clichés (those terms used so often that they’ve become worn out). 

I’ll also tell you about word usage:  some terms can sound too literal, some inadequate, and some too grandiose.  All this is just my opinion:  you are the final judge of what you want to do. 

Very useful! Notes the clichés and the different shades of an eye colour! Just thought it might be useful for writers out there! Also, this too, by him, Val Kovalin.

Anonymous sent:
when are you going to do the reviews?

My apologies, I’ll do them before next week. University does take up quite a chunk of my time.

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What’s Up With Putting a Comma Before “Because”?


↳ Name - Aiden Adante
↳ Age - Twenty
↳ Sexuality - Up to Player
↳ FC - Alexander Ludwig
↳ Open

His Story 

Who hasn’t heard of Aiden Adante? The gorgeous, blonde-haired NFL football running back of the Texans. Coming from a southern family in Austin, Texas; most people wouldn’t have known about what happened while he was in high school. But boy, did Aiden have many secrets. As a high school student in his junior year, he thrived in his classes and played as running back on the football team there. He didn’t care much for girls, he wanted to date a girl that he was going to marry - and then, Anastasia came along. At a school party after a football game, he saw a girl he didn’t recognize - because if he did, he wouldn’t be standing there gawking like an idiot. She stood out, with a beautiful white dress up to her knees,  and all alone. After she looked up to lock eyes with Aiden, he knew he couldn’t let her go. But what was this stranger doing here? It was then when he made his move which led them lying next to each other on a stranger’s bed, holding hands and starch naked. They had talked for hours, about each other and everything. Sex just added to it. Aiden never wanted it to be like this, but something about her - couldn’t make him wait. They parted ways when she had to leave and right before she closed the door, he’d asked her if she could be his girlfriend. And with no hesitation, she said yes and left. 

That was four years ago and now, Aiden Adante changed into something worse. Showing off at the last football game in senior year really brought Aiden some fame. He immediately got landed with two scouts from USC and UCLA, telling him that being young does not mean he can’t get to play in the NFL’s. Taking the chance of a lifetime, he soon buried away his feelings for Ana and began dating other girls. Striking fame and fortune, his own personality got ripped away from him. He soon became an inspiring athlete, but also labeled as the cocky jerk on his football team. What the public didn’t know, he and his “friends” did. It took him two years to get to become running back. An important position, which got him to become more famous and into “M“‘s radar. Soon enough, at the age of 20 and coming off a relationship with Eve, a mysterious mail came for him. He’d opened the mail and it revealed a huge edition of New York Times, stating what a whore, Aiden Adante wasAlthough, he was known to have quite a number of hook ups, this newspaper made him into someone he did not want to be. After checking the box one more time, it also revealed a post it note.

Come to the park outside your house now. If you do what I ask, then I will not make this happen. Don’t be afraid, I’m not a murderer.

- M

Afraid for his public appearance and his fame, Aiden knew he had to go out there. And that he did, which ended up with him waking up to the bright morning sun and toppling over a woman he knew very well. Anastasia Macini.

Personality →

(+) Charismatic, responsible, confident
(-) Possessive, narcissistic, condescending

  • Aiden gives off a great sense of responsibility and family. He is a born protector and is friendly to people he knows. With great skills at talking, many look up to him as inspiring and ideal boyfriend.
  • But what they don’t know, is that Aiden is not as perfect as he seems to be. Becoming one of the greatest football players alive, made him into an egotistical jerk. His motto is to be “ahead of the game”. He knows he’s a bit too possessive of what he has or wants, but doesn’t care what others think. 

Relationships →

  • Anastasia Macini - His beloved, first girlfriend, and the first whom he made love with. Although they spent one night with each other, he couldn’t take her out of his head. After that fateful night, he would always have dreams of her beside him - which made him look weird around his peers. Finding her next to him on the bed made him somewhat relieved and happy. However, he harbors revenge and anger for all the years of him pining for her. 
  • Danny Flemming - A friend back in high school, and one who Aiden actually respected and befriended. Being such a nice guy, he didn’t want to separate ways with his close friend, but times were tough - he needed his popularity to rise up and he couldn’t be involved with Danny Flemming any longer.   
  • Evangeline Waters - A close friend and ex that he finds at the mansion. Their relationship is way too complicated, but he knows they can never date. But what he doesn’t, is that Eve thinks otherwise.